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What We Do

What We Do

Restaurant Botanic is a celebration of place and time. The place is the stunning 51-hectare Adelaide Botanic Garden that surrounds our restaurant and inspires everything our guests touch, taste, and experience. Time is a little different. There are the seasons, of course, but there are also the seasons within seasons that are unique to South Australia, the micro-seasons of the Botanic Garden, and the day’s weather.

Then there is the time you spend with us. We are committed to creating a unique and immersive experience for every guest that we welcome into our space. This experience takes time, and the only thing we ask is your willingness to go on a culinary journey that will be an experience of the senses of at least four hours.

Want to know what we’re about and what to expect? Read on.

Our tasting menu, brought to you by Chef Justin James, presents over 26 different flavour combinations. We don’t believe the word ‘course’ does any justice to what we do, as our flavour combinations come in all different shapes and sizes.

You will be taken on a mini holiday through the Botanic Garden has to offer with taste, smell, sight, sound, and touch. We value the entire experience and want all our guests to savour every minute in our little oasis. To avoid being rushed or put under pressure, we anticipate an overall minimum dining experience of four hours

We love the Botanic Garden that surrounds and showcase the peak of the ingredients from the Garden alongside the best ingredients we can find in South Australia and Australia. We adore unique ingredients to Australia, so we believe marron, green ants, finger limes, and bunya bunya branches are a luxury. We love to embrace a sensory experience and some of the best food you eat is with your hands, so be prepared set the fork aside and get involved. 

Our beverage offering follows the same philosophy as our menu; we have a range of pairings and a select cellar showcasing a range of domestic and international wines along with some serious cocktails. 

The Temperance Pairing is a non-alcoholic beverage selection of juices, infusions, ferments and mocktails crafted by our team. Expect complex and adventurous flavours and combinations of savoury, salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. 

The Botanic Pairing offers a diverse selection of alcoholic beverages. Think wines from around the globe, sake, vermouth, beer or maybe a cocktail inspired by the garden around us—all in pursuit of creating the best pairing.

In The Sommelier’s Reserve Pairing, expect a carefully curated pairing with an emphasis on great wines from celebrated producers, some of these wines are extremely rare, others are exclusive to our restaurant, and come directly from the winemakers' cellars.

The Creme de la Creme selection is an opportunity to try glasses of the finest and rarest wines from our cellar. Envision a bucket list of wines from iconic labels from Australia and appellations of the Old World; incorporating Vintage Champagne, Premier and Grand Cru Burgundy, classified Bordeaux and matured Barolo.

We have very high standards, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’ll make you a cocktail on arrival and crack jokes so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. You will eat with your hands, experience new flavours, and have a great time.” Chef Justin James.

Sample Menu

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